Farid Bang makes fun of Shindy’s financial situation

For months Shindy has disappeared into obscurity again. His attempted comeback in the summer of last year and the announced album “In meine Blume” have – as of now – failed mercilessly. Shindy didn’t manage to answer the fans’ open questions and get them enthusiastic about his new project.

Instead, there is overwhelming disappointment with the laissez-faire way the rapper seems to have approached his promo phase. The interview with Jan Wehn ​​provided practically no news for the fans. Neither hot topics were discussed, which would definitely exist, nor was there information about the canceled tour, the album box or other things.

There is no other way to put it: Shindy currently has a real image problem. And it doesn’t help that Farid Bang has also recently gotten involved and makes fun of the man from Munich. Shindy’s online shop in particular was caught in the crosshairs of the banger. Exactly where no rapper wants to be.

In his last stream, Farid spoke briefly about Shindy and was celebrated for having significantly reduced the Shindy shop’s sales. In his opinion, his free “promo” for the Süddeutsche’s pajamas has led to a significant drop in sales. Nevertheless, Farid Bang says that Shindy is not broke. Actually, he assesses the situation, the platinum rapper should still have enough money on the high edge. Fler ‘s statements , according to which Shindy had no more money, he cannot confirm himself.

Do you get money from Shindy for advertising? I don’t think the shindy will give me money for it. I don’t think he’s financially able right now either.. hahaha. No kidding hahahaha.. I don’t know about his financial situation. But I always see on Tiktok how the fler makes fun of it all the time and what do I know. So if Fler is right, he can’t afford the advertising.

But under normal circumstances I think so. He’s not a poor bum of Shindy. (…) Did someone in the Shindy shop buy the pajamas because of me? no, right? Of course not. (…) I don’t think anyone bought it. Let’s put it this way: How many didn’t buy it because of me? That’s the better question. And that’s probably more than the ones who bought it. So what is the young man going to pay me for?”

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